For almost 30 years, The Relocation Bureau has been providing destination support to companies and their employees relocating both into Ireland and worldwide. Our award winning team of experienced relocation professionals has assisted thousands of assignees and their families to relocate to new destinationsAmong many of our valued customers are top international companies within the financial, technology, pharmaceutical, aviation, insurance, telecommunications, building supplies and retail business.

Vision Statement:

To be the most popular and successful Destination and Immigration service provider in Ireland.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a range of high quality cost effective destination and immigration services to meet the needs of our corporate clients and their employees relocating worldwide.


1. To ensure high levels of client and customer satisfaction at all times.

2. To continually improve employee skills through training in a challenging and rewarding environment.

3. To continue to build a profitable business whilst delivering valuable services to our clients.

4. To promote fair and ethical dealings with clients and competitors as a matter of law and conscience.

5. To consistently maintain the business in an efficient and cost effective manner.