Irish Distillers – Pernod Ricard

Irish Distillers was formed in 1966 following the merger of three of the great Irish Whiskey distillers, namely John Jameson & Sons, established in Dublin in 1780; Powers & Sons, who were founded in Dublin in 1791 and the Cork Distillery whose origins date back to 1825.

Though steeped in history, around the time of the merger the future of the Irish Whiskey industry was under doubt. To survive and hopefully prosper, the newly formed company decided there was nothing for it but to close its existing distilleries in Cork and Dublin and consolidate production in a new, purpose-built facility located alongside the site of the old distillery in Midleton, Cork.

The relocation eventually heralded in an era of success and growth that continues to this day. In time it also gave the original and historic Jameson and Midleton distilleries a new and exciting lease of life. Relaunched as the Old Jameson Distillery and the Jameson Experience Midleton, they became visitor centres. Currently around 300,000 people each year travel from all over the world to savour a unique experience (not to mention taste Ireland’s most famous and fastest growing whiskey) courtesy of Jameson.

In 1988, Irish Distillers joined the Pernod Ricard family and Jameson was quickly identified as a flagship brand that could be used to reignite the Irish whiskey industry. And so the story continues.