Standard Departure

▪ Review of Tenancy Agreement, advice and assistance with termination
▪ Inform landlord or management company in writing of departure date/Tenancy Agreement termination
▪ Negotiate early termination of Tenancy Agreement (if applicable)
▪ Provide departure “to do “ list for household closure
▪ Attendance at inventory/property inspection
▪ Assistance and advice on utility account closures and meter readings
▪ Negotiate dilapidations
▪ Arrange professional cleaning service as required
▪ Negotiate return of deposit from landlord
▪ Advise on payment of final utility bills and other outstanding costs
▪ Advise on mail forwarding
▪ Referral to relocation company in new host country

Premium Departure

In addition to the above:

▪ Pre check-out visit
▪ Advice on dilapidations and corrective action
▪ Arrange quotations for removal/shipment of household goods
▪ Arrange assistance with grass cutting and garden maintenance
▪ Arrange return of rental furniture