The objectives of this training programme are to enable participants to:

▪ Successfully manage the process of cultural adaptation to Ireland
▪ Develop awareness and skills to develop effective social and working relationships with future  colleagues, friends and acquaintances in Ireland
▪ Communicate effectively in social and business contexts in Ireland
▪ Managing the practical realities of living in Ireland

The needs and interests of individuals determine content. Some clients choose to do a course with a strong business focus, while others wish to work with their families on matters relating to cultural adaptation for the family. The course can be run for one full day (7 hours) or for two half–days (an initial half-day (4 hours) with a follow-up half-day session (3 hours) three months later. The approach will be informal and interactive, using a mix of case studies, short simulations, extracts from video and print material, and general discussion.

A needs analysis questionnaire will be sent before the course. The course will then be tailored to the specific circumstances of the participants, taking account of their home culture, family situation, location where they will be based in Ireland, and their professional and leisure interests. Each participant will receive written documentation summarising the full course content.